Taxis in London are different. If it's your first time to the capital, or even your first time using a London taxi, then sit back and relax. London's licensed taxis are the safest transport option in London. Not only that, but the stringent licensing process that all London taxi drivers have to pass is widely recognised as the most difficult test of it's kind. It is for this reason that licensed taxis are the only professional service that can legally respond to being flagged down on the street. So if your battery on your smartphone has died then merely walk to the side of the pavement, and when you see the famous For Hire light that's specific to licensed taxis, simply raise an elegant arm and signal to the taxi driver that you wish him to stop.


  • For total safety and peace of mind, know that you will be reliably and professionally cared for throughout your journey.
  • Enjoy a level of courtesy and comfort second to none.
  • Get to your destination in the most efficient way possible, thanks to the rigours of training in gaining The Knowledge, the Black Cab’s hallmark of fame which is still vital, even in today’s technological era.
  • Benefit from a fully licensed and highly regulated, officially metered service that Transport for London endorses.
  • Play your part in preserving one of London’s precious icons, all of which boost trade and income in the UK.
  • Benefit from the London Cabbies’ extensive knowledge of venues, hospitals, schools, churches, major landmarks and historical knowledge of London.
  • Know that your informed choice fully protects your journey on all levels as there is no equivalent to the unique values set in place by London’s historical Black Cab trade.
  • Professional, honest, regulated, safe, comfortable, roomy, our heritage – let’s use Britain’s unique Black Cabs – there is nothing to match them in the whole world. It is a service that has stood the test of time for some 400 years!.

Book a ride now or later

  • Type in pickup address or drag and drop your location on map, or simply click “Set Pickup”
  • Save your favourite places for easier booking next time
  • Choose specific options for your trip (taxi type, payment mode etc.)
  • Booking confirmation pop up and booking ID number
  • Track your taxi on the map to see it moving to your location in real time
  • Trip and receipt history for past rides


Passengers get 2 minutes free waiting time, so the driver will turn on the meter 2 minutes after his arrival to the pickup point.

For all pre-booked rides, the driver will turn the meter on only at the pre-booked time.