How do I join Taxiapp UK?

  • Download and install the App from App store or Google store.
  • Open the App and ‘ALLOW’ us to send you 'Notifications' and ‘Access your Location’ when prompted.
  • Enter your mobile number and tap ‘REQUEST CODE’. You will receive an SMS, enter the number and press ‘DONE’.
  • Next you will need a suitable photo of yourself and your Cab Driver Licence (bill) showing the licensing area. Once you have completed your details you will be redirected to GoCardless to set up a direct debit mandate for £20.00 per month for the membership fee.
  • We will verify your documents and once we have your GoCardless mandate your App will be activated. You will receive a text message once your App is activated.
  • When you open the App for the first time and 'Start Shift' you will be prompted to enter an IBAN number for your bank so that we can pay you for In App jobs. You will find your IBAN number on your bank statement or you can contact you bank who will be able to advise. Please enter this correctly as mistakes are hard to rectify.
  • You will then be free to accept jobs on the App. Driver are paid weekly.