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You deserve it, From Taxiapp.

First of all, thanks for checking out Taxiapp, the interest so far has been extremely gratifying. Of course, there are those who are fatigued by the prospect of yet another app, but Taxiapp differs from all the rest in that it is London's only ‘work focused’ app that is wholly owned and run by the drivers themselves.

Taxiapp hopes to join the fight by integrating the trades very own app into the working practices of taxi drivers. To reiterate, there is no outside investment, just a solid workforce who, like yourselves, have a thorough understanding in how this great metropolis of ours ticks.

Taxiapp was born out of the need for an app that wasn't beholden to big corporate investors or its shareholders. It is a real travesty of justice that our great industry was allowed to be hijacked by money men who have little regard for local industry and a disconnect from the unique qualities that makes taxis in London renowned the world over.

The foreboding that each and everyone of us could literally be sold to the highest bidder led a team of us on a mission to build an app solely for the trade. Although apps existed that utilised the service of licensed taxis, little, if anything was being done to promote the uniqueness of the black cab experience. In fact, we were being used by the corporates who’s only interest was to soak up our work and sell it back to us after creaming the milk off the top.

Taxiapp's aim - with your help - is to win ALL that work back. We are an alchemy of buttas and veterans, mushers and renters, men and women with one thing in common, we are all knowledge trained TAXI DRIVERS. Whether it be a young lad on his first job (given for free of course) or a grizzled veteran of the game, if you want to get anywhere in London, or know anything about London, then the London cabbie is the one to call on. Remember, we are the only official taxi service in London.

It is time for the taxi trade to be - once again - truly autonomous. We owe it to ourselves and our passengers to put the trade firmly back in the hands of the workforce. It is our duty to ourselves to ensure London’s Taxi Trade WILL NOT be sold off to the highest bidder, and we owe to each and everyone of our passengers simply because they deserve it. Download Taxiapp and we will keep you in touch with all new developments from now until the moment it is launched (on course for mid October) As Taxiapp evolves, you will hear about it.

Remember, Taxiapp is not for profit, so it can only work with the backing of its drivers and passengers. Please, spread the word, we see it as our duty to the travelling public to provide them with the safest and most reliable transport option in London. As far as technology goes, no one knows what will descend on us next, but at least we’ll be ready. For just 67p a day, what is achieved now could play a crucial role in cementing our place in the market as well as laying the foundations for future generations of the best taxi service in the world.



Taxiapp's uniqueness is it's simplicity. Taxiapp's aim is torecapture the street hail. Taxiapp's approach is Tradition meets contemporary & Taxiapp works for you (drivers) like good old steadfast arm aloft & street hailing. For our punters it'll be virtual hailing. We're of the opinion, street work will return if passengers are left to their (of recent times) desired method of accessing cabs. As in the adage; He who pays the piper calls the tune; ..Well Joe Public, you hum it, Taxiapp will play it, every which way! You do a Taxiapp job, the cash's yours. Cards go through your own terminal of choice. As simple as that. A street hail disguised as a virtual hail, Keeping the customer satisfied. Bring it on!!!


The Future has arrived

For Drivers and Passengers alike Taxiapp has mixed the best of old and new World, culminating in a service that shall please all. They'll only hear from Taxiapp when they need a Cab. We aim to be the public Transport Genie with Taxiapp willing to grant your wishes. Drivers, with our overheads rising, what better value can you have than subscribe (no commissions) 67p a day. The only Fat Cats you'll find are ones that avail themselves of our service! Saying goes, "You can't please everyone all the time, only some of the time". But that's just what we're attempting... Taxiapp's sleeves are rolled up in preparation for an inspired future!!!