Since we announced our new name, many of you, our passengers and drivers have asked the same question: Why Taxiapp?

Choosing a name for the app has not been easy. Many suggestions looked beyond what we do, and proposed names that transcended our trade, names that were exotic, ephemeral, names that literally opened the door to the transcendent.

Yet, all time we couldn’t escape from the name that defines us and what we do; the name that is intrinsically and exclusively ours. With that, Taxiapp was born. The iconic London Taxi is one of the Worlds most recognisable brands, it is ingrained in our Capital's history. Taxi drivers themselves are a component of London's DNA. It's the perfect marriage 'Tradition meets Modernity'.

We couldn't be named anything other than TAXIAPP.


Phillip Ferrigno

Hello all, time has come to introduce some 'movers and shakers' of Taxiapp's team. Without further ado, first off the rank is 38 year old Phillip(Filippo) Ferrigno, whose gem of an idea sporned Taxiapp.

Phil's been pushing a cab for three and a half years; after a 'knowledge' of three years/three months. Phil hails from Italian/Irish stock. His parents came to these shores in 1964 and settled in Maida Vale. Phil's married with three kids, and still resides in W9.

Pre cabbie, Phil was a Porshe Technician. Spent a decade in the car spares industry, followed by waterproof concreting. Phil has always been curious about technology. In his own words..."E Hail is here to stay. It's more benificial for us to have our own trade system, or we'll all end up at the beck and call of the corporate apps, being dictated to!" "Think of Taxiapp work as 'trade jobs'; rather than plying the pockets of others who've shareholders to appease!!! Phil's rallying call is, WE CAN DO THIS!


Hassan Mostafa


Next out of the pits is co-founder of Taxiapp. Hassan Mostafa.

Hass migrated here in 1984 from Morocco. He studied computer engineering and printing, subsequently working in both industries.

Hass also a gifted musician backed Led Zeppelin on their 1996 World Tour.

Hass met Taxiapp co-founder Phil Ferrigno whilst on the knowledge. Hass was the first to hear of what was to become Taxiapp. Hass helped give life and nurture what our trade has been crying out for, and hopefully will give us the chance to 'mould' our own destiny, rather than rely on others!

We combined the orange shape with the word taxi on to the taxi hire light as our app icon. We believe our colour choice gives our brand a clean, modern look setting us apart from competitors in the field. The final logo is the result of a lot of collaboration and multitudes of sketches. Our design team is so happy to release our final result to the world, and see how it continues to shape our new brand!