Questions and Answers

Please browse through our Q&A section, if you cannot find an answer to you query, feel free to email our support team, and we will be happy to answer your questions asap:


Cancelled Jobs?
Due to costs and complex admin, initially there can be no scrub fees. We will not record customer’s card details, all card transactions will be processed by your own cc machine. Down the road we may very well take card payments via the app. Customers who frequently fail to show shall be banned from the app, note you won't have to notify us regarding fare amounts from any jobs. Don't forget to call passengers A.S.A.P after accepting bookings.

Who is funding the Taxiapp?
Taxiapp is currently funded by a steering group of green badge drivers, who have covered the setup costs of the driver and customer app. Members monthly subs will finance PR, marketing as well as maintaining and improving the app.

When is the App available?
The App will become available as soon as we have 1000 drivers. We couldn't commence trading with any less. So tell your friends, and let's together take it to the competition.

What about PR?
The App will become available as soon as we have 1000 drivers. We couldn't commence trading with any less. So tell your friends, and let's together take it to the competition.

How many jobs will I get?
No guarantees can be given but we can assure you that every effort will be made on our part to make this work. All we ask is equal commitment from you. We are in this together!!

When do i start my meter?
Passengers get 2 minutes free waiting time, so you will turn on the meter 2 minutes after you arrive to the pickup point.
For for all pre-booked rides, turn the meter on only at the pre-booked time.


Can we book a taxi in advance and how would I go about doing this?
Taxiapp will be more than happy to accommodate an advanced booking just go to the Booking section in our App if you have an iPhone or Android phone and pre-book your taxi. All bookings are set to default ASAP. If you would like to make an advance booking, enter your location then tap the "calendar"
icon on bottom right of screen to set an alternative date & time.

Where can I enquire about lost property?
We don’t have a lost property department so if a driver finds anything in the taxi he is instructed to hand it in to a police station or the Lost Property Office (Transport for London)
at: 200 Baker St, London NW1 5RZ. Phone: 0343 222 1234
Or call the driver who picked you up and ask him about the lost property.

How can I pay for my taxi?
Taxiapp drivers and all London taxis accept cash as well as having card facilities to accept all major credit and debit cards.

How much will my taxi cost?
The cost of your journey will depend on the distance and time of day the journey takes place. All our fares are regulated by the Transport for London

There is a minimum fare of £2.60 at all times.

Times when the tariff currently applies.

Tariff 1 for journeys up to the changeover fare £2.60 per mile Monday to Friday, 05:00-20:00

Tariff 2 for journeys up to the changeover fare £3.20 per mile Monday to Friday, 20:00-22:00
Saturday and Sunday, 05:00-22:00

Tariff 3 for journeys up to the changeover fare £3.96 per mile Every night, 22:00-05:00
Public holidays
Tariff rate for journeys over six miles
£3.70 per mile At all times for journeys over six miles.

Can your taxis accommodate wheelchairs?
All our taxis have wheelchair access facilities.

I am on the top floor of my building and cannot see out on the street how do I know my taxi has arrived?
The taxiapp will inform you when your driver has arrived and If you can provide us with a mobile number the driver will ring your mobile phone to let you know that your taxi has arrived.

Can you pick up my children on their own and how do I know they will be safe?
Of course we will pick up your children, all London Taxi Drivers are CRB checked and full Disclosure UK check to ensure their safety, and can be trusted with children and grown ups.

How can I keep in touch with what is happening at Taxiapp ?
We love keeping our customers informed about what is happening at Taxiapp whether it be about new technology, or what is going on. You can find out what we are talking about on Facebook: and Twitter: @taxiapp_london.

Does it cost anything to use the Taxiapp?
No, you can download and use the app for free. There are no additional costs.

Do I lose my taxi booking if I close the app?
No, the booking continues even if you close the app. A push message is sent just before the taxi arrives. If you leave the app open, you can track the taxi's arrival live on the map.

Can I cancel my request?
Yes, but you should inform your driver anyway. Abusing the app can result in blocking of your account.

Can I book serveral taxis?
Yes, with Taxiapp, you can book up to 3 taxis at the same time. Just click the order button again after booking the first taxi.

How do I recognize my taxi?
Your booking confirmation for your Taxiapp not only includes the name and phone number of your taxi driver, but also the vehicle registration.

Do I need to register to use Taxiapp?
Yes, registering means that you can use all Taxiapp features, however, such as type of payment.

On which operating systems can I use Taxiapp?
Taxiapp is currently available for iOS, and Android.