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You can now read up on our latest PR projects and news.

We started with a contribution from the stirring team of 10 members and managed to print a large quantity of flyers, Receipt Pads, door and window stickers.
We hired 20 Taxi butlers to deposit in venues, hotels, and restaurants to enable them to book taxis by a press of a button on the Taxi butler.
We had our advert on LTDA, BADGE magazine, and METRO .
We are in the process of organizing meetings with TV, Radio and newspapers PR departments.

Please remember that we Taxi Drivers are the strongest and best means of advertising in London, so let's get Taxiapp out there, and spread the word to customers, friends, and colleagues.

Our team has been giving out Flyers and Receipt Pads to drivers in stations and green huts, (Russell SQ, Wellington Place ) and also flyers to customers. We are also using all types of social media.
All items are available from Iron Lung and some green huts. Please feel free to pickup and help us distributing them to drivers and customers.