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    * You will soon receive a link to download the driver App.
    * You will need a photo of yourself, your taxi and your Cab Driver
    Licence (showing the licensing area) to upload onto your App.
    * Please do not accept pre-booked jobs if you think you may cancel ( read time, date and place of pickup before accepting jobs)
    * Please telephone the passenger or advise them if you will be delayed.
    * Wait two minutes prior to engaging the meter.
    * Drivers are paid daily. Passengers can pay through the App, direct to you via cash or your credit card machine in your taxi.
    * A driver pack will be sent to you with leaflets, receipt pads and windscreen and back window stickers. If you would like flip seat adverts or door magnets please email us :
    * The Iron Long, GSS and green huts at Russell Square and Wellington Place have more leaflets if you require these.
    * If you change your vehicle in the future please let us know if you change from a Vito to a TX or vice versa, due to the seating capacity.

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