Whether it is a 5/6 seater taxi, our system supports both options.


We show passenger location on the map and navigate a driver through every point on the route. Any android or IOS smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app.

Using our solution can easily increase your safety and reliability, since you will be able to see driver’s picture, name, taxi registration, rating and reviews.

London taxis are easily hailed from the street. Alternatively they can be 'virtually hailed' by using Taxiapp on a smartphone. You can make advance bookings for special trips or simply ask for a taxi as soon as possible.

"As well as being safe, reliable and accessible, London taxis are great value too"


For wheelchair users, access via the ramps allows comfortable boarding. The spacious interior allows the chair to be moved into the securing position where the seatbelt restraints secure the chair safely and securely. For passengers with limited mobility the swivel seat extends to the exterior of the vehicle to allow seamless movement into the vehicle. An intermediate step assists passengers with limited accessibility.

Fares and Prices

As well as being safe, reliable and accessible, London taxis are great value too. All licensed taxis have a fully regulated taximeter, updated and controlled by Transport for London. The metered fare is displayed to you at all times during your journey, ensuring a fair and transparent cost for every trip. The meter price sets the fare so the more people that travel, the cheaper the fare. Effectively, for every one passenger, 4/5 additional passengers can travel for free.

Passengers get 2 minutes free waiting time, so the driver will turn on the meter 2 minutes after his arrival to the pickup point.

For all pre-booked rides, the driver will turn the meter on only at the pre-booked time.

The Knowledge

The Knowledge is important for customers as it assures them of the most direct and cost effective route on any journey, saving you time and money. Minicab drivers, who are less likely to know where they are going, they will charge you by the mile and time so the longer they take (if they get lost) the more it could cost you. All licensed London taxi drivers are subject to Enhanced Criminal Record checks to keep the traveling public safe and sound. Only London taxis can pick passengers up from the street. You can hail a London taxi any time of the day or night when you see the yellow For Hire sign illuminated.